Can Cranberry Juice and Palo Azul Help Pass a Drug Test?

The necessity to go a drug check has spawned a completely new business, with merchandise starting from pure diuretics to fast-acting pharmaceutical concoctions. From pure diuretics like inexperienced tea detox to cranberry juice flush to aspirin, Azul tea, and niacin-based physique cleansers, the market is flooded with fast fixes for passing varied drug assessments. One other sizzling matter raging on social media is the efficacy of every product and its influence on well being.

In case you’re a frequent marijuana, alcohol, or different unlawful drug consumer who must go a drug check for knowledgeable or authorized cause, you need to think about a few of the choices listed beneath. To be protected, think about the period of time you might have earlier than the drug check, as a few of these substances might require time to successfully cleanse the physique. On this put up, we’ll take a look at three other ways to make use of cranberry juice, azo cranberry tablets, and Palo Azul to securely cleanse the physique and go a drug check.

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Cranberry Juice

Will consuming cranberry juice assist to go a drug check? To be honest, it’s a fairly legitimate question to have if you’re a primary time consumer. There have been a number of items of analysis and medical trials highlighting the advantages of cranberry juice like being:

  • An antioxidant preventing age-related deterioration
  • Wholesome for the center s
  • Remedy and prevention of urinary tract infections are each efficient (UTIs)
  • Good for digestive well being
  • Helpful in post-menopausal circumstances

Some issues stay unclear, resembling whether or not cranberry juice can detoxify your system of hashish. And the way a lot cranberry juice do you need to eat with a purpose to go a drug check? To deal with these issues, we suggest the next cleanse, which needs to be accomplished over the course of 24 hours.

24-hour Cranberry Juice Cleanse

To begin with, make sure that you shouldn’t have any cranberry allergic reactions and that you just eat the juice in small quantities over an extended time period. Then, at the very least 24 hours after your cleaning day, schedule your drug check and go purchase your self two liters of ‘actual’ cranberry juice. Be cautious of the elements, because the cranberry cocktail incorporates excessive ranges of sugar and fructose, each of which might hurt your liver.

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As a result of it’s a pure diuretic, it can trigger you to urinate continuously, so permit your self sufficient time and area to take action in a snug surroundings. Don’t eat the complete two liters without delay, as this may be deadly. Divide it into two glasses (out of a complete of eight) each few hours all through the day earlier than the drug check and keep near a restroom to flush out the THC metabolites out of your physique.

Execs and Cons of Cranberry Juice

Given the pure elements, cranberry juice gives a number of advantages however does cranberry juice assist to detox from THC? Properly, let’s see going via the record of execs and cons.


  • Antioxidant properties
  • Many heart-healthy nutritional vitamins (C, E, K1, B6) and copper are current.
  • Low-cost and extensively accessible
  • It’s scrumptious
  • Diuretic


  • Solely 100% pure cranberry juice gives the well being advantages; any sugar/fructose-rich concoction might lead to hostile reactions
  • It doesn’t assure that you’ll all the time go a drug check
  • Solely works as a short-term detox; hint THC can nonetheless be detected in lab assessments
  • Can also react adversely with sure medicines (amoxicillin, cefaclor, cyclosporine, diclofenac, flurbiprofen, midazolam, tizanidine)

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Azo Cranberry Capsules

In keeping with Texas A&M Well being Science Heart analysis, cranberry tablets are simpler than juice alone in treating and avoiding UTIs. There hasn’t been a lot analysis accomplished to reply the query: can azo cranberry tablets aid you go a drug check? To go a drug check, it’s essential to first give up smoking marijuana as quickly as you study of a compulsory drug check. Hydrate your physique with loads of water, urinate continuously, after which attempt azo cranberry tablets to hurry up the cleaning course of.

Find out how to Use Azo Cranberry Capsules to Cleanse Your Physique

As with cranberry juice, you should buy a pack of azo cranberry tablets from any pharmacy or on-line retailer as a result of it’s generally bought for its effectiveness in opposition to UTIs. A standard and protected each day dosage is not more than 4 tablets, however attempt splitting them into two tablets with a glass of water and spreading them out over a number of hours. Drink loads of water, however don’t drink greater than a liter at a time. The salicylic acid within the azo cranberry tablets will assist with detoxing, however don’t exceed the really helpful dosage.

Execs and Cons of Azo Cranberry Capsules


  • Protected to make use of
  • Salicylic acid works as a drug-masking agent
  • Low-cost and straightforward to make use of
  • Scientifically efficient in opposition to UTIs


  • Not 100% efficient in beating a drug check
  • Provides an orange tint to the urine, exposing tampering in case of a urine check
  • Will want further electrolytes and extreme water to work as a diuretic; doesn’t work nearly as good by itself

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There are plenty of conflicting opinions about azo cranberry tablets. The one beneath is a optimistic one:

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And the subsequent one is unfavourable:

Palo Azul

Palo Azul is a plant with the scientific title Eysenhardtiapolystachya that interprets to “blue stick.” It’s a pure South American tea bark that’s used as a normal physique cleanser when consumed within the type of tea. However will Palo Azul assist you go a drug check? Scientifically, pure diuretic properties do assist within the elimination of poisons from the physique.

Palo Azul tea

The tea is straightforward to make, requiring solely 2-3 ounces of Palo Azul tea bark and about half a gallon of water. Merely boil it for at the very least 90 minutes, or till the colour adjustments from brown to crimson to blue. When you’ve reached the specified power, pour it right into a cup and drink it sizzling or chilly, as desired.

As a result of the detoxing results final solely a short while, this concoction should be consumed inside 24 hours of the drug check. Additionally, don’t eat greater than 4 cups in a day, unfold out over an extended time period.

Execs and Cons of Palo Azul Tea


  • Being a pure ingredient, it’s protected to drink
  • Offers a number of well being advantages because it has been in use since historical instances
  • Not very costly


  • Not backed by any scientific analysis
  • Isn’t 100% efficient in opposition to flushing THC metabolites particularly

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Given their pure diuretic properties, the aforementioned three detoxing strategies do flush toxins from the physique, however there are not any absolute ensures that they’ll go a drug check. It’s preferable to give up smoking hashish as quickly as you study of a compulsory drug check and to drink loads of water to naturally flush out THC metabolites.

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