Can you really get a secondhand high or contact high?

Whether or not you are acquainted with the time period secondhand excessive, contact excessive, or contact buzz, the speculation is similar: publicity to secondhand weed smoke might trigger somebody to be involuntarily stoned and even fail a drug take a look at. The prospect of feeling excessive unintentionally is alarming, to say the least, however is that this idea true?

In case you’re trying to know whether or not secondhand hashish smoke can enter your system or in case you’ll ever have the ability to attend a Grateful Lifeless tribute live performance with out getting blazed, that is the information for you.

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Is it attainable to get a contact excessive?

As with many issues weed, the reply is each sure and no in response to a 2015 Johns Hopkins College examine.

Researchers began with a dozen individuals, six of whom have been hashish people who smoke and 6 who have been non-smokers. Within the first experiment, all 12 topics spent an hour collectively in a small unventilated room, throughout which period every smoker puffed by 10 joints, every with a THC content material of 11.3%. Afterward, the non-smokers reported feeling nice, extra drained, and fewer alert. And certain sufficient, their blood and urine checks got here up optimistic for THC.

The second experiment repeated the situation, however this time in a room with air flow. The non-smokers on this experiment later mentioned they felt hungry, however none of them examined optimistic for any noticeable quantity of THC. (To be truthful, the examine did additionally end up round lunchtime.)

Researchers concluded that being uncovered to marijuana smoke below “excessive situations” like a tightly packed, unventilated space can certainly give non-smokers a contact buzz. Exterior of that very restricted scope, any contact excessive you assume you is likely to be feeling as a result of secondhand hashish smoke is probably going a results of the ability of suggestion.

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You may’t get excessive from catching a whiff of somebody’s joint whereas strolling down the road, however you’ll really feel some results in case you are sitting in an unventilated enclosure stuffed with smoke. Some individuals do that deliberately, and people individuals name it hotboxing.

Backside line: in case you spend a whole lot of time in a small room with the home windows sealed shut whereas your pals are smoking, your blood and urine would possibly take a look at optimistic for THC and it’s possible you’ll really feel its intoxicating results. However exterior of a hotboxing hostage situation, it is extra seemingly your contact excessive is all in your head, so to talk.

women smoking joint outside
It takes some concerted effort to get an actual contact excessive.
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Is THC energetic after hashish smoke is exhaled?

If we pull a web page from the 1999 British Journal of Anesthesia, we be taught that the lungs soak up a lot of the THC when hashish smoke is inhaled. Researchers have found that roughly 50% of THC and different cannabinoids current in hashish make it into the smoke and are inhaled.

“Skilled people who smoke, who inhale deeply and maintain the smoke within the lungs … just about the entire cannabinoids current within the mainstream smoke enter the bloodstream,” the report reads, leaving little or no THC within the surrounding air to be inhaled and absorbed by a passive inhaler.

So as to get a secondhand excessive, you’ll must be in an unventilated room for a while to really feel something. In any other case, the cannabinoids could have disappeared into the air earlier than ever reaching you.

Backside line: research present you’ll must be in an unventilated room for a while to really feel a respectable contact excessive. Greater than seemingly, although, the cannabinoids could have disappeared into the air earlier than ever reaching you.

What does it feel like to be high?
Keep away from a contact excessive from secondhand marijuana smoke by cracking a window.
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Are there some other research on secondhand highs?

Research carried out in the course of the mid-to-late-Nineteen Eighties investigating the thriller of the secondhand excessive decided that the acute toxicity of hashish was extraordinarily low, due to this fact making it tough to really feel the results with out direct inhalation. Whereas their conclusions should still apply, hashish has modified through the years and the research may have reexamination.

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The efficiency of THC-dominant hashish has elevated as cultivation methods and applied sciences have superior. Within the early Seventies, the common joint contained roughly 10 mg of THC, whereas a contemporary joint might comprise 60-150 mg of THC or extra. The THC efficiency in at present’s marijuana flowers is way larger than the weed from the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, due to this fact a lot of the early analysis produced from learning secondhand highs could also be outdated.

Whereas there’s an abundance of analysis demonstrating the antagonistic well being results of secondhand publicity to cigarette smoke, there may be little proof to recommend that secondhand marijuana smoke carries the identical detrimental well being dangers as tobacco smoke. Contemplating that previous analysis has discovered marijuana smoke to be much less carcinogenic than cigarette smoke, there would not appear to be an instantaneous public well being concern relating to the results of secondhand weed smoke.

Backside line: the analysis could also be outdated, however so long as you are not caught in a poorly ventilated room throughout a heavy smoke session, you should not be involved about feeling stoned or having THC enter your system.

Regularly requested questions

Are you able to get excessive strolling by the remnants of secondhand weed smoke?

No. It is extremely unlikely you may expertise a secondhand excessive or have hashish byproducts present up on a drug screening in case you move by some dissipating marijuana smoke. Because the 2015 Johns Hopkins College analysis exhibits, so as to catch a secondhand excessive, you’d must be below excessive situations that lack correct air flow.

contact high from smoke
Do not count on to get a contact excessive from strolling by some dissipating marijuana smoke.
Photograph by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Nonetheless, weed people who smoke ought to nonetheless be respectful of people that do not eat hashish. The following time you spark one up, attempt to pay attention to your environment and make an try to hold the smoke and powerful odor away from non-smokers. To take pleasure in a smoking session with out affecting non-partaking neighbors, hashish customers ought to spark up in well-ventilated areas to make sure passive inhalers is not going to really feel the results of the smoke or take a look at optimistic for weed.

Are you able to get excessive from smelling weed?

Because it’s tough sufficient to get a contact excessive smelling marijuana smoke, it is 100% not possible to get excessive from smelling weed in its uncooked or cured type. Nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll really feel some barely-there, calming results or the faintest whisper of power after deeply inhaling some terpene-rich weed.

linalool terpene
Lavender and a few varieties of weed could also be wealthy within the terpene linalool, however smelling them is not going to provide you with a contact excessive.
Photograph by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Terpenes are the compounds that give all types of crops — together with marijuana — their aroma and taste. In the identical manner it’s possible you’ll really feel a refined enhance in focus after smelling lemons, that are wealthy within the terpene limonene, or some calming results after smelling linalool-rich lavender, it’s possible you’ll merely really feel glad smelling good weed. However excessive? Completely not.

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