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What’s Compressed Weed and Why Ought to I Care If It’s Fluffy?

Brick Weed is thought by many names, similar to Compressed Weed, Mexican Grime Weed, Mexican Brick Weed, or Mexican Schwag. (All of those phrases might be used interchangeably) Brick weed although greatest describes precisely what it’s . . . hashish that’s compacted or compressed right into a brick-like form.

.Many OG people who smoke reminisce nostalgically in terms of brick weed. Nonetheless, they’re almost definitely mistaken because it was typically poor high quality bud. Nonetheless, if that’s the one weed you will have, you’ll need to make do.

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Brick Weed 101

This text will do a short historical past of compressed, brick weed, inform you why it has such a nasty popularity, and eventually, provide you with recommendation on fluffing up or rehydrating compressed hashish.


The size of a brick of weed could differ from the distributor. The next although is the business customary.

  • Weight: 2.2 kilos or 1 Kilo
  • Dimension: 8 1/2″ by 11″ by 2 1/2″

Mexican Brick Weed Costs

  • Value: It’s considerably cheaper than its non-compressed counterpart. A brick of non-compressed, dispensary, hashish prices roughly $2,000 to $4,0000. Brick Weed then again prices from $500 to $1,000.

Brick Weed Historical past

Brick Weed
Brick Weed confiscated by DEA

Understanding the historical past behind compressed weed is fascinating and can show you how to perceive the explanation for its existence. Brick weed was widespread within the ’70s and 80s, and within the US it was primarily smuggled in from Mexico. Compressed weed’s comparatively constant dimensions and compact nature makes them simpler to retailer, conceal, and for smuggling.

Earlier than residence cultivation turned widespread, and effectively earlier than the US state legalized weed It was the commonest kind of weed out there. Nonetheless, it’s arduous to come back by within the US as indoor rising turned extra widespread within the 90s. And now with legalized weed and dispensaries, it isn’t seen a lot in any respect in the USA

Brick Weed Now

Brick weed is now seen primarily in South America and is principally grown in Paraguay. When you’re In Central or South America It’s typically the one kind of weed you could get.

Why Does Brick Weed Have A Dangerous Repute?

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Brick weed had a deservedly dangerous popularity. The principle cause for its dangerous rep is how compressed weed is processed. All the hashish plant materials is compressed into a decent brick, which causes many issues, which might be described under:

  • Poor High quality-For ease of transportation and smuggling, the hashish vegetation are tightly packed collectively, which regularly leads to trichomes and the related terpenes falling off.
  • Seed, Stems, and All the things Else-With conventional brick weed, together with the flowers, additionally, you will get stems, seeds, stalks, and so forth. Which means that, as you might be paying for the non-smokeable seeds, stems, fan leaves, and so forth together with the flower.
  • Comfort-Having to type and separate seeds, and stems is solely a ache within the A#$. That is particularly annoying for the modern-day people who smoke who’re used to only going right into a dispensary and ordering hashish flower, that doesn’t even want a herb grinder.

Cash Financial savings

Again within the 70s and 80s compressed weed was merely widespread, in some areas, as a result of that’s all you have been capable of get. These days, with legalized dispensaries and homegrown being ever extra widespread, value is the one cause that you’d select brick weed. Nonetheless, as said earlier, with a brick of weed, you might be paying for the stems, fan leaves, and branches, together with the smokeable hashish flower.

Consequently, compressed weed’s financial savings is just not as a lot as you’ll suppose. Based on Tommy Lanier, a director of a bit of the White Home’s Nationwide Drug Management Coverage, an oz of brick weed makes roughly, 60 joints. Then again, an oz of high-quality, noncompressed weed could make as much as 120 joints. Which means that, primarily based upon value alone, (I.E., you aren’t factoring within the THC % or the general higher product of the non-compressed weed) for compressed weed, it’s best to pay lower than 1/2 of what you’ll with high-quality weed.

Is Brick Weed Inferior?

Compressed Weed
Compressed Weed

Earlier than it’s processed for transportation, brick weed is just not essentially an inferior weed pressure. Some basic hashish strains have been made into bricks. Nonetheless, as It’s handed roughly each in compression and likewise transportation it can have high quality points. For instance, consequently, of this tough dealing with, the trichome together with important terpenes will fall off when it’s being compressed and transported.

Terpenes make the pressure. So, terpene falling off of your flower could make the dankest weed sub-par.

What’s Fluffy Weed When Used With Compressed Weed

Compressed weed is densely packed collectively, typically dry, and appears nothing just like the showcase buds that you just usually see at your native neighborhood hashish dispensary. The purpose of fluffing brick weed is to rehydrate and switch compressed, dense, weed into non-compressed, fluffy buds.

How To Make Compressed Weed Fluffy

These methods work for fluffing up weed are wonderful for brick weed, and so they additionally work effectively for dry weed bought from a dispensary. As a bonus, these methods are fairly simple to do.

Orange Peel Technique

Orange Peel
Use Solely The Orange Peel

Tools Wanted

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Glass Jar, Tin Foil, Fork, Orange Husk (Pores and skin Of The Orange), Humidity Packs (Optionally available) And, Of Course, Hashish


  1. Break it Up-Break up and separate the hashish.
  2. Place Stuff In Jar-Put the weed, orange husk, and humidity packs (non-compulsory) into the glass jar.
  3. Cowl It Up-Poke holes into the tin foil (that is important for releasing moisture and stopping moldy weed) after which cowl the glass jar lid with the tinfoil.
  4. Wait-Uncover the jar, day by day for round 10 minutes, and it ought to be prepared in round every week.

Steam It

This fashion is faster. But additionally, a bit extra dangerous.

Tools Wanted

  • Cannbis
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • Cooking Pot


1. Boil a Pot of Water

2. Drop the broken-up dry buds into the strainer whereas being cautious to not place them too near the water.

3. Do that for round a minute, examine and see the consequence, and if wanted rinse and repeat till you might be completed.

Warning-To keep away from moldy weed and different points, make it possible for the buds should not have an excessive amount of moisture.

Closing Ideas

These days, until you reside in a state the place weed isn’t authorized, you’ll (fortunately) by no means encounter sub-par, brick weed. Relying upon if weeds authorized the place you reside, a brick of weed could also be your solely choice. So, figuring out how one can make one of the best out of dangerous weed is a helpful talent. And, For those who stay in a state with legalized weed, dry weed can occur to one of the best of us and the following pointers work for all sorts of dry bud. So, hold this text in thoughts, and also you might be able to salvage bone dry or nasty compressed brick weed.

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