How to Produce a Ton of Weed with Only 1-4 Plants

by Nebula Haze

Hashish cultivation is authorized in lots of elements of the world together with a number of states within the USA. Nonetheless, in lots of situations, growers are subjected to authorized plant limits. For instance, California (the state the place I dwell) permits adults (21+) to develop as much as 6 vegetation. In Canada, adults can legally develop as much as 4 vegetation.

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Authorized plant depend limits could make it more durable to get huge yields, particularly when you’re additionally restricted on house, however there are methods and techniques to allow you to harvest enormous quantities of bud from small develop areas with only a few vegetation. In reality, it’s attainable to supply over a pound of weed from 1-4 vegetation if you do it proper.

Get huge hashish yields with only a few vegetation!

Pruning strategies like manifolding can power even a small plant to supply enormous buds. This plant was lower than 2 ft (0.6m) tall at harvest and produced 6.2 oz by itself.

A photoperiod cannabis plant grown in a hydroponic DWC setup - click here to see the full grow journal!

Letting vegetation get larger will improve your yields, particularly when mixed with pruning. These two hashish vegetation are about 4 ft (1.2m) tall and produced 18.6 oz (over 1 lb) of weed between them!

By controlling the environment in your grow space, you can get bigger yields and higher quality cannabis buds!

This large mass is definitely made from solely 4 vegetation skilled to develop out over a display.

Massive Scrog setup

Multi-pound harvest with simply 4 vegetation!

The same massive Scrog with buds forming

It’s superb what you’ll be able to accomplish with a number of vegetation. Let’s learn to produce a ton of weed in your backyard with 1-4 vegetation.

1.) Develop Greater Crops

You may solely yield a lot from a small plant. Greater vegetation can produce much more weed than small vegetation. Simply ensure you don’t let vegetation get too huge or your house shortly will get overgrown. Rising vegetation to the proper measurement in your setup results in the perfect harvest.

One in every of these clones received a lot larger than the opposite. Though buds are related in width, the larger plant with longer buds produced larger yields total. Letting a plant get sufficiently big to fully fill your house can dramatically enhance your ultimate weights.

Foremost Concept: Don’t provoke the flowering stage till vegetation have reached 1/2 the ultimate desired measurement.

Most strains about double in measurement after they begin flowering. Meaning it is best to begin 12/12 when vegetation are about half the ultimate desired measurement. To maximise yields, you need vegetation which might be as huge as attainable with out overgrowing the house. It helps to calculate how tall vegetation can safely get in your develop house with out being too near your develop mild. Regardless of the peak you’re going for, attempt to create a pleasant huge plant cover so the complete house below your develop mild is crammed with vegetation.

These two vegetation reached half the ultimate desired measurement for this develop tent. At this level, provoke the flowering stage by giving vegetation a 12/12 mild schedule.

A couple of weeks later, the vegetation have about doubled in measurement. This is named the flowering stretch. Use this information to develop vegetation which might be the fitting measurement in your develop house.

A picture of the same plants after stretching... This demonstrates the awesome power of the cannabis flowering stretch!


  • No auto-flowering strains – The primary thought behind this step is to manage the size of the vegetative stage so vegetation get to the fitting measurement. Auto-flowering strains solely spend a number of weeks within the vegetative stage, and will not get sufficiently big in time. Study extra about the perfect strains to develop in Step 4.
  • Use larger pots – Greater roots can help larger vegetation. Crops in a small pot (below 2 gallons) have a tendency to remain small whereas larger pots (5-10 gallons) make it simpler and quicker to supply vegetation which might be 3+ ft (1+ m) tall.
  • Think about coco or hydro – Crops grown in hydroponics (and to a lesser extent coco) are inclined to develop quicker than soil vegetation. If you wish to get huge vegetation quick, hydro or coco could also be a great way to go. Soil or tremendous soil can nonetheless be nice selections, however they could add to the full time to reap.
  • Develop vegetation to optimum measurement – Provoke the flowering stage when vegetation are 1/2 the ultimate desired measurement. That is completed through the use of a timer to place develop lights on a 12/12 mild schedule. On common, vegetation double in measurement after the change to 12/12, although strains listed as “tall” or “brief” might stretch kind of. Study extra concerning the flowering stretch.
  • Whole plant protection – Fully fill your house earlier than you provoke the flowering stage.

2.) Prepare Crops to Develop Flat

You simply discovered about good plant protection. This step takes that to the following stage. Along with ensuring your total develop space is crammed with vegetation, you’ll improve yields much more when you prepare them to develop huge and flat (like a desk) earlier than you provoke the flowering stage. It’s because the most important buds develop near the develop mild whereas buds which might be removed from the sunshine keep small. A flat cover means you get many buds about the identical distance away, and each single bud swells to a giant measurement.

Whereas vegetation are within the vegetative stage, bend branches down and tie them in place to take care of as flat and huge a cover as attainable. Attempt to make vegetation formed like a desk.

The air pump and water pump in your DWC system for growing marijuana contains a water pump and an air pump which both use electricity

Foremost Concept: Prepare vegetation to develop flat and huge like a desk within the vegetative stage.


  • Minimize off the highest of younger vegetation – Minimize off the highest of younger vegetation within the vegetative stage. Slicing off the highest of a plant is usually known as “topping” within the hashish rising world. Topping splits any stem into two, and a plant with two tops is less complicated to unfold out to create flat vegetation than a plant with one major high
    • Newbie tip: Wait till the seedling has grown 6 units of leaves. Minimize off the highest by means of the primary stem above the fifth set of leaves (photos under). Simple and easy, but received’t stress vegetation. After being topped, your plant is less complicated to unfold out and naturally grows extra bushy and huge.
  • Tall stems also needs to be “topped” – Minimize off the ends of any stem that’s rising a lot quicker than the remaining. Every new pair of stems grows slower than the unique one. Topping is a superb instrument to curb fast-growing stems within the vegetative stage.
  • Unfold out – Because the plant grows, unfold out the stems by bending them down and away from the middle of the plant. Don’t overlook to tie branches down with one thing like plant twist tie or they’ll spring proper again up the following day!
  • Supercrop (if obligatory) – Hashish stems get laborious and woody as time goes on. When you discover that you must bend a stem that’s already stiff, use the supercropping approach to bend even the hardest stems at any angle. This can be a bit superior as a result of you’ll be able to by chance cut up stems. However don’t fear when you do. Merely tape damaged stems again collectively like a forged and the plant can heal. One of many issues I really like about hashish vegetation is it might probably recuperate when you make huge errors within the vegetative stage.

Right here’s an instance of coaching vegetation to develop huge and flat for extra bud websites and greater yields.

Minimize off the highest of a younger plant proper above the fifth set of leaves (“high” the seedling above the fifth node)

Cut off the very top of your plant in order to reduce the chance of stunting

When reducing by means of a stem, watch out to not harm the rising ideas on the base of every leaf. These will develop into your two new stems.

Be careful not to damage your growth tips when topping - these will become new main stems, and this "elbow" is also where buds form

Topping splits the primary stem into two. You may see the 2 new “major stems” on both sides of the reduce.

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Because you waited till the plant had a number of units of leaves earlier than reducing a small piece off the highest, it is going to proceed rising like nothing occurred.

Because the plant grows, unfold out the branches and reduce off the highest of any stem that’s getting larger than the others. You don’t need your plant placing an excessive amount of power into anybody department.

The plant was transplanted to a mini develop tent below an HLG 65 4000k LED develop mild and given per week to regulate to the brand new atmosphere.

Coaching time!

Bend over all of the stems down and away from the middle till it seems flat from the aspect

I used plant twist tie to hook on to every department and tie it down the place I needed. I connected the opposite finish to the material pot.

The best way to connect to the pot? You should use security pins or binder clips however I feel that is simpler. Poke holes within the material utilizing sharp pointy Fiskars pruning scissors and thread the twist tie by means of.

Again to coaching. Right here’s a high view. We’re making an attempt to fill the complete tent with this plant.

A couple of days later the plant has stuffed in properly. Repeat the steps till you’ve stuffed your total develop house.

Provoke 12/12 when vegetation have full protection on the top you need. Have a look at all of the bud websites on this 1 plant proper because it begins flowering

Right here’s a aspect view. At this level, the one factor to do is water the plant and provides it vitamins till harvest.

At harvest, this plant was simply over 18″ (46 cm) tall, but yielded a number of ounces as a result of it was skilled to develop huge and flat. Speak about making essentially the most out of 1 small plant!

Study extra about rising vegetation to be huge and flat.

3.) Develop Gentle is Key to Yields!

When you learn step 1 and a couple of, you perceive the worth of plant protection in your develop house. You’ve additionally discovered produce vegetation which might be the proper top and form to maximise yields.

This step is about your develop mild, which is the opposite most essential facet of your setup with regards to yields.

Foremost Concept: Decide a develop mild that maximizes yields in your develop house.


  • Keep away from fluorescent develop lights (CFLs and T5s) – If yields are a key issue for you, select LEDs, HPS, or CMH/LEC develop lights. These are essentially the most environment friendly develop lights for yields with regards to rising hashish. Fluorescent lights like T5s and CFLs produce glorious bud however get about half the yields per watt.
  • Count on 0.5-1 gram per watt – You should use wattage to estimate yields so that you decide the fitting develop mild in your objective. With LEDs, HPS, or CMH/LEC, you’ll be able to sometimes count on about 0.5-1 gram per watt of precise energy draw. So when you’re utilizing a 400W HPS, you possibly can count on to yields 200-400 grams. If an LED develop mild makes use of 300W, you possibly can count on 150-300 grams. You may yield kind of, and a few particular develop mild fashions are higher than others, however that’s a very good rule of thumb for a median grower.
  • Correct develop mild distance to vegetation – Every develop mild has an optimum distance it must be saved from vegetation. Too shut and vegetation will burn, too far and yields are decreased. Most develop mild fashions checklist the really useful mild distance of their product particulars. When you’re unsure, try our tutorial on mild distance.
  • Good mild protection – Every develop mild has an optimum quantity of house it might probably cowl (its really useful “mild footprint”). If mild doesn’t attain your vegetation on the sides, these vegetation will produce poor yields For instance, if in case you have a 2’x3′ (or 0.5mx1m) develop house, get a light-weight that’s made for that measurement house. Fortunately, that is one other element that’s often listed within the description if you purchase a develop mild.

Maximize yields with the fitting develop mild in your house

Take a look at examples of yields to count on for 3 standard hashish develop lights I like to recommend for indoor growers.

Set and Go – 100W Quantum Board (LED Develop Gentle)

  • Develop house: 2’x2′ develop house
  • Warmth: Fixture will get sizzling however won’t heat up the room
  • Common Yields – 1.5 – 3.5 ounces
  • Bud High quality: Potent and fairly with nice results, however buds could also be ethereal
  • Beneficial mannequin: HLG 100 LED Develop Gentle
    • 4000k model is finest for seedlings, clones, and the vegetative stage
    • 3000k model is finest for the flowering stage
    • each work from seed to reap, however 3000k produces larger yields
  • See an instance setup with this develop mild

If you wish to begin small, this mild allows you to dangle up a develop mild and begin rising first rate quantities of high-quality weed in a small house. Flimsy however efficient. It barely impacts the electrical energy invoice and doesn’t make a lot warmth. Additionally a superb alternative for seedlings and clones.

HLG 100 must be saved about 10″ away from the tops of vegetation

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3 vegetation grown with the HLG 100 utilizing the strategies above – 5.5 oz

Example of Nebula

Nice Yields With out A lot Warmth – 300W Quantum Board (LED Develop Gentle)

  • Develop house: 2’x4′ or 3’x3′ develop house
  • Warmth: Warms up a room by a number of levels
  • Common Yields – 5-10 ounces
  • Bud High quality- Dense, potent, sparkly nugs
  • Beneficial fashions: Electrical Sky 300 and HLG 300 R-Spec
  • Instance setup with any such mild

For this measurement develop mild, I’ve had the perfect outcomes with HLG and Electrical Sky. The HLG lights value much less and really feel flimsy, however I really like that they don’t weigh a lot and are simple to hold. Electrical Sky LEDs are costly and industrial high quality, but in addition heavy and troublesome to hold. Each of those lights produce a number of the nicest bud I’ve grown, however up to now Electrical Sky has produced the perfect yields.

3 vegetation grown with the Electrical Sky 300 utilizing the strategies listed above – 11.1 oz

5 vegetation grown with the HLG 300 R-Spec utilizing above strategies – 9.34 oz

Massive Producer – 315W CMH (generally known as LEC)

  • Develop house: 3’x3′ develop house
  • Warmth: Burning sizzling bulb raises the temperature of a room by a number of levels
  • Common Yields: 5-12 ounces (although I’ve yielded over a pound earlier than)
  • Bud High quality – Intense smells and unbelievable trichome manufacturing (get essentially the most glitter through the use of the 4200k Philips or 4100k Eye Hortilux bulb within the flowering stage)
  • See an instance setup with a 315 CMH

4 vegetation grown below a 315 LEC develop mild utilizing the above strategies – 12.57 oz

4.) Select the Proper Genetics (plus instance strains)

If yields are a consideration, pay shut consideration to genetics. You may drastically improve yields by selecting a pressure that’s identified to yield greater than common.

  • Photoperiod strains solely – To comply with this tutorial, you want to have the ability to management the size of the vegetative stage. Photoperiod vegetation provide you with complete management as a result of they received’t begin flowering till you provoke a 12/12 mild schedule. Most hashish strains are photoperiod strains, so until you purchase “auto-flowering” seeds, you’re good to go.
  • Excessive-yielding – Some strains can yield 2-3x as a lot as different strains in the very same develop house and circumstances. It’s astounding how huge of a distinction genetics makes to yields.
  • Keep away from “brief” strains – Brief strains are inclined to yield much less as a result of vegetation are smaller.

Instance strains which might be heavy-yielders

  • Surprise Girl <- Finest yields of any pressure I’ve grown
  • Chempie
  • Cookies Gelato
  • Energy Africa
  • THC Bomb

This single Surprise Girl plant produced 12.57 oz of dense buds below 300W

Every department produced over an oz. of weed after being dried, and each bud was rock laborious.

Huge cola from the Wonder Woman cannabis plant

5.) Superior Strategies

When you solely comply with the steps above, you’ll be able to produce bountiful yields with only a few vegetation. However some growers wish to maximize their yields much more. In that case, this part is for you.

These strategies require a bit extra work and know-how, however they will produce extremely excessive yielding vegetation indoors.

  • ScrOG (Display screen of Inexperienced)
  • Manifolding or Fluxing

ScrOG (display of inexperienced) means utilizing a display or netting to coach vegetation to develop flat earlier than flowering.


Manifolding or Fluxing are related strategies with the objective of making vegetation the place all of the branches meet at one a part of a plant (the “manifold”). These strategies require additional time within the vegetative stage, however reward you with enormous symmetrical buds. Plus these strategies are tremendous enjoyable!

With manifolding or fluxing, younger vegetation are reduce up within the vegetative stage so that each one branches come from one major “manifold” on the primary stem.

Young vegging cannabis plant with 2 main colas after being LST

The bottom of a “manifolded” plant

Fluxing is a distinct tackle manifolding, however follows the identical important rules of splitting the primary stem and making a symmetrical plant construction

Fluxing creates a grid manifold

When adopted step-by-step, these strategies produce excellent harvests on each plant

Two main-lined cannabis plants just before harvest

A grower named “nugbuckets” designed and popularized the manifolding approach (although he known as it “main-lining” on the time) to maximise yields per plant. Right here’s one of many manifolded vegetation from his authentic tutorial. An enormous thanks to nugbuckets for sharing your information with the house rising group!

Example of an amazing cannabis plant that was grown outdoors in a tan smart pot - look at those gorgeous colas!

Now you’re armed with the information to supply tons of marijuana even if in case you have plant limits. It’s time to develop the yields you need! has a whole bunch and a whole bunch of pages!

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