How long does cannabis stay in your body and what effect does it have on your organs?

It’s the preferred unlawful drug within the UK however have you learnt the impact hashish has in your physique?

Many individuals do not know the hurt it causes and the way lengthy your physique feels the consequences of it.

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What precisely does the category B drug do to your mind, coronary heart and inside organs?

Once you smoke a spliff, its lively chemical Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) travels by your physique and results your mind.

How lengthy does it keep in your physique?

THC, the lively chemical in hashish, is saved within the fats cells and subsequently takes longer to totally clear the physique than another frequent drug.

The stronger the pressure of hashish, the extra THC it accommodates.

Drug testing gear, as utilized by the police, works by measuring the quantity of THC in a urine pattern.

A overview of information compiled by the US Nationwide Drug Court docket Institute estimated that:

an occasional or first-time consumer would in all probability take a look at constructive as much as 4 days after final utilizing

a frequent consumer would in all probability take a look at constructive as much as 10 days after final utilizing

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a really heavy consumer might take a look at constructive as much as one to 2 months after final utilizing

• l ong-term use of hashish could make you depressed and make you much less motivated.

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How does it have an effect on your physique?


Hashish messes with the way in which your mind processes data.

It accommodates at the least 60 sorts of cannabinoids, chemical compounds that act on receptors all through our mind.

These hold neurons firing, magnifying your ideas, creativeness and notion, and makes you are feeling excessive by boosting your dopamine ranges.

However having an excessive amount of makes you anxious, paranoid or panicky.

Like different medication, continued use can result in dependancy.

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Coronary heart

Simply minutes after you’ve taken your first puff, your coronary heart charge hurries up by 20 to 50 beats per minute.

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This could proceed from 20 minutes to 3 hours later.


Hashish makes blood vessels develop making your eyes flip crimson.

It could additionally make your pupils dilate.

Weed additionally impacts the components of your mind that course of what you see, resulting in hallucinations.


Individuals who smoke weed get the “munchies” and really feel extremely hungry.

A research that regarded into pot’s impact on mice discovered the drug principally flips a change within the mind that’s usually liable for controlling urge for food.

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Lengthy-term results

Continual hashish customers, who mild up at the least 3 times a day, are inclined to have smaller gray matter volumes within the orbitofrontal cortex – which unsurprisingly is the a part of mind tied to dependancy.

However apparently hashish use was additionally linked with larger connectivity within the mind.

There was proof to counsel that the drug might assist struggle Alzheimer’s and dispelled the parable that smoking weed lowers IQ.

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