How to Tell the Good Weed from the Bad [5 Techniques]

How to decide on high-quality bud and keep away from getting ripped off

On the time of writing, 33 states plus D.C. permit both leisure or medicinal marijuana. That quantity is topic to alter as states proceed to carry ballots to determine whether or not to alter the authorized standing of weed.

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In locations like California or Colorado, the place hashish is solely authorized, it’s comparatively straightforward to seek out good Mary Jane; all it’s a must to do is discover a licensed dispensary. The extent of competitors in these states is so fierce that the parents who promote unhealthy marijuana exit of enterprise fairly shortly. It’s that easy.

Nevertheless, not everyone seems to be so lucky. In states the place weed is illegitimate, or the place you want an MMJ card to purchase it, customers should take what they’ll get. This might imply buying hashish from a black-market supplier. In addition to risking arrest, you’re doubtlessly exposing your self to rip-offs and low-grade schwag.

The underside line is that until you’re an skilled consumer, sellers will usually see you coming from a mile away and leap on the likelihood to dump their brick weed. Should you’re on this scenario, or if you wish to enhance your information of hashish, you will need to be taught to distinguish between high-grade ‘dank,’ mid-grade marijuana, and low normal rubbish. Listed here are 5 straightforward suggestions for tips on how to inform good weed from unhealthy weed.

1) The ‘Shelf’ System

This tip is for readers in a position to buy their weed from a dispensary. Though workers (in all probability) aren’t going to tear you off, it’s nonetheless helpful to grasp the totally different grades of marijuana. In a regular dispensary, you need to see three distinct cabinets.

1) the ‘shelf’ system

For concern of insulting your intelligence, marijuana on the highest shelf is mostly the cream of the crop. The “good sh*t,” so to talk. This bud accommodates a big quantity of THC (you’ll discover some strains with 22%+), and it’s grown with nice care and cured and dried to perfection.

Not solely will top-shelf weed give you an distinctive excessive, but it surely ought to produce a splendid style and aroma as nicely.

Also referred to as ‘mids,’ the marijuana on the middle shelf is normally your common, middle-of-the-road weed. It isn’t distinctive, however it can do the job when you don’t have already got a excessive tolerance. High shelf hashish is simply too costly for most individuals, so mids might be your finest wager.

Marijuana on the underside shelf of a dispensary is normally the most affordable, least potent bud. Generally it’s even a mix of leftover clippings from numerous different strains (trim), or damaged off items of nugs which have fallen to the underside of different jars (shake).

This “backside shelf” pot will in all probability have a psychoactive impression on learners, however intermediates and consultants will seemingly really feel that they wasted their hard-earned money. The usual may be greater than when you get it on the streets, however we advocate splashing the additional dough on mids or top-shelf.

2) Stem and Seed Content material

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In a great world, you’d get nothing however lovely, potent buds in your entire weed-related transactions. In fact, we stay in a world that’s removed from preferrred. As such, loads of pot that you just purchase on the road will likely be filled with stems and seeds. Think about paying $50 for an eighth, solely to find that half of the burden is made up of stuff you possibly can’t even smoke!

2) stem and seed content

Stems are roughly ineffective and can do little or no in aiding your quest to get excessive. Seeds are even worse as a result of they’ve a nasty tendency to blow up when set on hearth!

Additionally, you probably have seeds in your bowl, their destruction might break the remainder of the weed — to not point out your costly glass piece. Attempt to keep away from shopping for buds visibly loaded with seeds and stems – until you’re getting it for a preposterously low value.

3) Aroma & Style

Once you develop a correct pressure of marijuana and harvest, dry, and treatment it to perfection, it has an unmistakable scent and style of superb musk.

Search for weed that has that clear and distinct “marijuana musk,” as this is a sign that the buds are contemporary and have a superb terpene content material. Unhealthy weed typically has little or no “hashish scent,” and even worse; it’d scent like one thing that doesn’t even resemble pot.

Additionally, when you get somebody attempting to promote you buds that scent like freshly minimize grass or hay, this normally means the weed was badly grown and improperly dried and cured.

On a facet be aware, hashish that has an fragrant tinge of chocolate-like bitterness normally signifies the pressure is indica, whereas citrus notes typically recommend a sativa-dominant selection.

Lastly, as an apparent rule of thumb, most good high quality marijuana is a few shade of inexperienced (though the shade can range from nearly neon to a bland grayish). That stated, high quality buds may have a touch of blue or purple in them, which signifies a powerful presence of anthocyanin. If the bud is yellow, purple, brown, or tan, it’s in all probability low grade – don’t purchase it.

4) Trichome Depend

You’ll in all probability want a magnifying glass for this tip, however an adequately grown pressure of high-quality marijuana ought to produce buds filled with trichomes. That is vital as a result of trichomes retailer the terpenes and cannabinoids that present the scent, style, and, most significantly, the excessive or medicinal profit.

4) trichome count

Trichomes cowl high-quality buds and are akin to glowing crystals; you possibly can in all probability spot trichome density with the bare eye, however you’ll want a jeweler’s loupe or one thing related to take a look at the complete amount and get a superb look.

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Ideally, growers harvest hashish when the trichomes have a milky white colour. Underneath a magnifying glass, they resemble tiny shiny mushrooms. It’s fairly lovely.

Once you test for trichome content material, you’re in search of prematurely harvested weed. Should you can see underdeveloped trichomes, the plant was seemingly harvested earlier than it was solely “ripe,” and you need to keep away from it.

If the trichome colour has an amber tinge to it, the plant was in all probability harvested too late and should comprise greater ranges of CBN. Though this cannabinoid has some potential medical advantages, it may end up in a diminished excessive that makes you are feeling queasy or tremendous drained.

5) Bud Construction & Trim

Though this isn’t at all times the case, high-quality indica buds are normally fats, dense, and tightly-packed, whereas sativa buds are airier, wispier, and just a little leaner. Hybrid strains will comprise traits of each indica and sativa crops, so when you get one thing that’s in-between the above description, it’s seemingly a hybrid (and by the best way, sativa buds ought to have extra pistils – the little purple hairs – than their indica counterparts).

After harvest, growers ought to trim all marijuana buds to take away the fan leaves across the nugs.

Sadly, an growing variety of firms are utilizing trimming machines to allow them to minimize the weed at lightning pace, which is why we advocate buying hand-trimmed flower.

There’s a value to pay with trimming machines. They lack the care of skilled human trimmers and may even wreck the trichome content material of the weed (consequently, you find yourself with much less potent marijuana). If the hashish seems to be mangled by a machine – or if it accommodates loads of fan leaves – purchase one thing else.

Good or Unhealthy Weed – An Overview


  • Marijuana you discover on the highest or center cabinets.
  • Usually has a wholesome inexperienced colour with a big selection of gorgeous hues and undertones.
  • A ‘contemporary’ scent with totally different aromas relying on the pressure.
  • Comprised primarily of buds and lined with glistening trichomes.
  • Sativas have a fluffy construction, whereas indicas are tight and dense.
  • Hand-trimmed to protect buds and terpenes.


  • What you see on the underside shelf in your dispensary.
  • Typically brown, tan, purple, white, or yellow in colour.
  • A stale scent or no scent in any respect. If it smells ‘gone off,’ keep away from!
  • Accommodates a noticeable amount of seeds and stems.
  • Free open construction and visual stems.
  • Has a mangled look as if it was broken by a machine.

Ultimate Ideas on The best way to Inform Good Weed Versus Unhealthy Weed

By no means underestimate the potential impression that crap weed has in your well being. Smoking low-grade marijuana might be brutal in your throat and won’t be significantly better for you than utilizing just a few tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, don’t overlook to test your weed for indicators of mould or rot. Moldy weed will look just like what you discover on expired cheese, bread, and so on.

At any time when doable, try to buy your marijuana from a good supply, resembling a licensed dispensary. If there are none close to you, you’ll should take your possibilities with a neighborhood supplier – which in lots of circumstances is illegitimate. By no means break the regulation, and at all times know and perceive the legalities of the realm that you just’re in earlier than you go to purchase pot.

We hope that this data on tips on how to inform good weed from unhealthy weed has been useful and informative – when you’ve received any extra suggestions or recommendations, make sure to depart a remark beneath and share your concepts with the neighborhood!

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