Can Tea Help Detox From Marijuana And Pass A Drug Test?

For those who’re an avid marijuana smoker or possibly you’re taking it often, likelihood is you may have THC in your system and are searching for a dependable technique to eradicate it and move a drug take a look at. Ingesting tea is usually thought-about a profitable technique to detox. Is that this actually true?

It’s clear that tea was thought to be a treasured elixir by most historic cultures because of its quite a few well being advantages. At this time, researchers have managed to shed gentle as to why tea had such a excessive repute. Other than decreasing stress and boosting psychological alertness, tea is efficient in serving to with many different well being points, akin to reducing blood strain and ldl cholesterol, diabetes, stopping most cancers, coronary heart issues, and inspiring weight reduction.

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As for flushing out THC from the physique, you can’t rely solely on teas. Though some comprise polyphenols, antioxidants, and small quantities of caffeine, they have to work hand in hand with different treatments to make sure that THC is solely flushed out earlier than you seem for a drug take a look at.

With that being mentioned, this put up will focus on many frequent teas that comprise particular detox properties that may flush out any THC compounds within the physique that will help you move a marijuana drug take a look at.

  1. Inexperienced tea
  2. Black tea
  3. White tea
  4. Mint tea
  5. Ginger root tea
  6. Natural teas
  7. Chamomile tea
  8. Rooibos tea
  9. Purple clover tea
  10. Coca tea
  11. Others
  12. Suggestions for fulfillment

tea detox from marijuana

Inexperienced tea

One tea that may be thought-about for flushing THC from the physique is inexperienced tea. Hailed for its antioxidant properties, inexperienced tea has roots that date again to round 2737 BC. The leaves of this tea are first steamed to inactivate enzymes and forestall oxidation. This enables the tea to stay inexperienced and retain most of its antioxidant properties.

Inexperienced tea is believed to have quite a few well being advantages, akin to stopping most cancers, managing weight, decreasing ldl cholesterol, stopping coronary heart illness, reducing blood strain, and controlling blood sugar ranges.

Though inexperienced tea has quite a few well being advantages, it does comprise caffeine, which may trigger extreme unwanted side effects if consumed in excessive quantities. These embody insomnia, nervousness, extreme headache, irritability, and an irregular heartbeat.

Inexperienced tea is a superb supply of vitamins and antioxidants that give it its excessive detox properties. Because the liver desperately wants antioxidants to detoxify the physique and eradicate THC, inexperienced tea will actually assist the method by offering the liver with wanted antioxidants, resulting in an elevated metabolic fee.

Black tea

Throughout manufacturing, black tea leaves are oxidized in managed temperatures to offer the colour, aroma, and taste that may enable you to get pleasure from a cup of scorching tea each morning. Black tea has a excessive quantity of polyphenols, antioxidants, and caffeine, making it the most effective tea for treating numerous well being issues.

Being a wealthy supply of vitamin A, B1, B6, C, and pantothenic acid, black tea has the ability to guard the lungs and coronary heart and decrease LDL ldl cholesterol for sufferers with a excessive danger of heart problems. Black tea additionally aids in stopping tooth decay, stimulating psychological alertness, and decreasing the ravages of growing old.

Since black tea has a excessive caffeine content material, its unwanted side effects might vary from delicate to extreme. Amongst these (which outcome from consuming an excessive amount of black tea) are vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, headache, nervousness, dizziness, and an irregular heartbeat.

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Since black tea is wealthy in protecting antioxidant properties, it’s additionally believed to have detox properties that will support in flushing out any traces of THC that may be current within the physique after smoking weed.

White tea

White tea is constituted of the white buds of the plant, which often bear minimal oxidation in contrast with different teas. Identical to inexperienced tea, white tea is believed to inhibit the oxidation course of, which ends up in its quite a few well being advantages, akin to stopping most cancers, selling weight reduction, strengthening the center, and decreasing zits. If consumed in excessive portions, white tea barely reduces iron absorption.

Since white tea additionally has antioxidant properties, it does have restricted cleansing skill that may support in flushing traces of marijuana out of your system.

Mint tea

One other sort of tea that has actually gained worldwide recognition due to its contemporary aroma and soothing style is mint tea. Made solely from peppermint leaves, mint tea is at the moment used for medicinal functions or as a morning complement when mixed with different natural elements.

Well being advantages supplied by mint tea embody aiding in digestion, decreasing flatulence, decreasing headache and menstrual cramps, in addition to unblocking respiration passages. Though mint tea will not be as robust as different teas, solely minimal unwanted side effects will be anticipated. A few of these embody nausea and decreased sperm manufacturing.

For detoxifying the physique, mint tea additionally has some detox properties that assist flush THC out of your system.

Ginger root tea

Thought of a standard drugs for fairly a very long time, ginger root tea is derived from ginger, which is a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia. Following its excessive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitumor, and enjoyable properties, ginger root tea is taken into account extremely salubrious.

Among the many quite a few well being advantages supplied by ginger root tea are reducing the danger of most cancers, stopping sure tumors, decreasing stress, relieving chilly, headache, cramps, and muscle aches, and stopping arthritis.

Though ginger root tea has many well being advantages, consuming an excessive amount of of it can lead to abdomen upset, heartburn, decreased blood strain, and delicate swelling or irritation within the tongue and lips.

Ginger is popularly utilized in cleaning applications due to its detoxifying properties and anti inflammatory and antispasmodic results. It has the power to stimulate digestion, circulation, and sweating, which, in flip, support in neutralizing acids and flushing waste and toxins from the physique. This tea is beneficial for marijuana detox.

Natural teas

Natural teas are usually not true teas. They’re derived from dried fruits, flowers, spices, and numerous herbs. Accordingly, these teas characteristic various tastes and still have many well being advantages that make them the most effective pure treatments for therapeutic numerous illnesses. The most typical natural teas accessible embody:

Chamomile tea

This is without doubt one of the hottest natural teas and has a excessive calming impact. The quite a few well being advantages of this tea embody brightening your complexion, stabilizing blood sugar, boosting immunity, and selling correct digestion. Among the many unwanted side effects are vomiting, nausea, and drowsiness.

Dried chamomile flowers boiled with water have detox properties that assist detoxify the kidneys however are usually not significantly efficient in eradicating THC out of your system.

Rooibos tea

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This natural tea is native to South Africa. Hailed as being caffeine free, Rooibos tea has numerous well being advantages, which embody supporting bone well being, treating diabetes, defending the center, and stopping sure cancers, akin to pancreatic most cancers.

Rooibos is a really secure natural tea that comes with few if any unwanted side effects. In accordance with analysis, the one notable unwanted side effects embody a rise in liver enzymes and stimulation of the feminine hormone estrogen.

For eliminating THC from the physique, Rooibos tea has detox properties that support in detoxifying the liver, blood, lungs, and gallbladder. By mixing Rooibos tea with maple syrup and lemon juice, the ensuing concoction (together with different detox brokers) will help in flushing THC compounds from the physique.

Purple clover tea

One other natural tea that’s believed to have a detox impact is purple clover tea. Hailed for its excessive antioxidant properties, this tea has the power to present the physique the required increase required to flush any THC compounds.

Among the many well being advantages of purple clover tea are stopping most cancers and continual pores and skin illnesses, reducing ldl cholesterol, decreasing whooping cough and bronchial asthma, in addition to decreasing breast ache and mastalgia.

When consumed in substantial quantities, purple clover tea can lead to complications, nausea, muscle ache, vaginal bleeding issues, and gradual blood clotting throughout surgical procedure.

Coca tea

This natural tea is derived from the leaves of the coca plant, which is native to South America. Coca tea is a wealthy supply of inulin, phytonutrients, nutritional vitamins (A, C, E, B2, and B6), and alkaloids.

Well being advantages of this natural tea embody boosting immunity, aiding in weight reduction, boosting power ranges, regulating blood sugar, relieving indigestion, and assuaging altitude illness.

If coca tea will not be taken correctly, it will possibly trigger numerous well being points, akin to hypertension, worsen bronchial asthma and coronary heart illness, and enhance blood sugar ranges.

Identical to some natural teas, coca tea additionally has detox properties that assist flush sure toxins from the physique, akin to uric acid, however since coca tea is derived from the identical plant that’s used to supply cocaine, it’s not secure to take this tea earlier than a drug take a look at, as it should result in a false constructive outcome for cocaine.


Other than the teas already talked about, numerous different natural teas may be thought-about when planning to detoxify your physique from marijuana. A few of these embody burdock root tea, milk thistle tea, cayenne pepper tea, cilantro tea, and lemon balm tea.

Suggestions for fulfillment

Though most sources declare that teas have the ability to detoxify marijuana from the physique, they can’t actually be efficient with out additionally utilizing different treatments, akin to THC detox drinks and kits.

The most effective detox package you may contemplate is the Quick Marijuana Detox Equipment which has been confirmed to be very efficient in flushing THC metabolites from the physique. Used for urine assessments, this package is meant for use not less than 2 hours earlier than the take a look at. For greatest outcomes, first drink about 20 ounces of water, await 20 minutes, after which drink the complete QCarbo Detox Drink and take the Tremendous Increase Tabs. Make sure you drink a number of cleaning tea earlier than the take a look at to extend the speed of urination, and confirm the detox course of at house with the included urine testing system.

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