6 Health Concerns That Your Eyes Could Be Warning You About

When your eyes get itchy and watery, it’s an indication that your allergy symptoms are kicking in. However do you know that your eyes can even provide you with clues about many different well being situations?

That is a part of the explanation why common eye exams are an vital piece of your healthcare routine.

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Optometrist Kristi Stalker, OD, discusses another well being situations that your eyes may give clues about.


Ever expertise a pesky eye twitch that begins up the day earlier than an enormous presentation? It’s not only a coincidence. The commonest culprits for an eye fixed twitch are lack of sleep, an excessive amount of stress or an excessive amount of caffeine, Dr. Stalker says.

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If it’s will get too bothersome, strive utilizing a cool pack on the attention to resolve the twitching. “In case your entire eye is clinched shut, although, that’s an indication of an issue that wants analysis by your physician,” she provides.


What looks as if intermittent blurry imaginative and prescient may very well be an indication that somebody has a diabetic eye drawback. “Their imaginative and prescient could be higher within the morning and blurry after they’ve had a giant meal,” Dr. Stalker explains. It’s because excessive blood sugar ranges may cause the lens of the eyes to swell, making imaginative and prescient blurry.

Lengthy-term excessive blood sugar ranges can result in one thing extra critical referred to as diabetic retinopathy, which may trigger imaginative and prescient loss. You probably have diabetes, it’s particularly vital to have an eye fixed examination annually.


Hypertension can harm the blood vessels that ship blood to the retina. You gained’t discover a distinction in your eyes or imaginative and prescient at first, however an eye fixed physician might have the option detect it when she or he seems on the vessels inside the attention.

Overexposure to the solar

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A pink or yellow bump on the white of the attention can point out harm to the conjunctiva from an excessive amount of daylight publicity. “They will develop and develop additional in and ultimately block your imaginative and prescient,” Dr. Stalker explains. Put money into a superb pair of sun shades that provide full UV safety and canopy your eyes utterly.

Retinal Detachment or Migraines

Seeing a couple of eye floaters normally isn’t an indication of something critical, however for those who discover lightning flashes or darkness in your sight view, it is a signal of an ocular emergency that warrants speedy medical consideration.

These instantaneous flashes are totally different than these which can be a precursor of a migraine. “Generally folks discover a 20-minute lengthy flickering or glowing mild that expands in measurement and shrinks again down once more,” Dr. Stalker explains. That may be the beginning of an ocular migraine, which can be adopted by a headache.

Blood clotting drawback

See a splotch of purple on the white of your eye? Damaged blood vessels within the eye normally outcome from straining (from heavy lifting or coughing or sneezing) and don’t trigger everlasting harm. “It seems very alarming, however normally there’s no therapy — it can resolve over the following two weeks,” Dr. Stalker says.

But when this occurs a number of instances, see your physician, because it may point out a bleeding drawback.

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